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Así nos han agradecido algunos padres de los alumnos de intercambio en Horsham:


Dear Mr Calcedo,


I just wanted to feed back to you, albeit a little belatedly, how much we as a family enjoyed having your student to stay for the Spanish Exchange Week.


He was polite, well-mannered, witty and friendly during his entire stay, and would be most welcome in our home should he venture back to the UK! Other student was also with us for much of the time and was equally as charming. I would be happy for you to feed this back to the boys school too, if you feel it is appropriate.


Ruby felt more confident speaking Spanish as the week progressed and as a result is thoroughly looking forward to the return trip to Madrid, though will of course miss Mr ________…


I hope you have had a relaxing Easter break – our house seems to be a hive of revision at the moment!


With very best wishes




Dear Mrs Smith/Mr Skinner/Mr Calcedo,


We wanted to write to you to say how much we have enjoyed having our Spanish exchange student, staying with us.  Her English is excellent, she is very polite and helpful, and she has a great sense of humour.  She has enjoyed walks in the countryside with us to an “English” pub, ten pin bowling, we took her into Horsham to try her favourite “sushi” (Megan tried it for the first time too). We went to Ask Italian over the weekend and enjoyed a drink on the terrace at Mannings Heath Golf Club on Sunday in the sunshine.


We have played Uno, Wii dance, eaten lovely meals at home and yesterday was her birthday so we got her a balloon, banners, a photo frame with pictures of all of us to take home and even a birthday cake with candles (we sang cumpleanos feliz to her!)  I think she was a little overwhelmed but loved it!


This morning she made us breakfast – crushed tomatoes with garlic, oil and salt on toasted crusty bread (yum!) and tonight for her last evening with us, I have decided to put myself under enormous pressure and cook Spain’s national dish, Paella!


Megan and your girl seem to be bonding well.  At the beginning it was a little awkward, as you would expect, but she has really relaxed in our company and the girls are looking forward to Megan’s trip to Madrid (they have lots planned whilst she is there!)


So to finish, perhaps you could pass on our comments to her teachers to say she is a credit to the school and we would happily have her stay with us any time.


Kind regards,






Mrs Smith/Mr Calcedo


Just wanted to say how much we all enjoyed having one of your students here. The house seems quite empty this evening. At breakfast this morning I asked if she were tired, her response ‘No, Sad’ which was a lovely endorsement of her stay. I hope Ella feels the same when she is in Madrid.


Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity. She was a delight, she was polite, friendly, easy to get along with, willing to try different foods and used her English which was very good. We got Ella to speak some Spanish and your student corrected her when she needed to.


All in all a very pleasant experience. We are so glad that we signed up for it. Ella is now looking forward to her trip even more!


Thank you